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Course Title: JavaServer Faces
Course Length: 3 Days
Course Number: Java120
Delivery: Instructor-led, On-Site
Audience: Experienced Java programmers who need to learn how to design and develop Java Web applications that incorporate the JavaServer Faces framework.
Description: This course introduces the JavaServer Faces API for Java Web application development. Proceeding from a foundation of Java, Servlets, and JSP, the course develops the best-practice concepts of MVC architecture and command-object encapsulation that propel the JSF architecture. Students create JSF Web applications by organizing their pages as JSF component trees, and their server-side code as JSF managed beans and controllers. They add data-conversion and validation logic and learn to work with JSF's data-table control.
Course Outline:

Getting Started with JSF

  • GUI Development
  • JavaServer Faces
  • A JSF Application
  • JSF Components
  • Managed Beans
  • Configuration Files
  • JSF Application Structure
  • Running the Application
  • JSF Tag Libraries

  • The JSF Component Tree
  • JSF Tag Libraries
  • Forms
  • Input Tags
  • Output Tags
  • Buttons and Links
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons, Listboxes, and Menus
  • Panels
  • Managed Beans

  • Managed Beans and MVC
  • Properties
  • Configuring Beans
  • Bean Scope
  • Value Bindings
  • Method Bindings
  • Dynamic Beans Lists
  • Dynamic Beans Maps
  • Advanced Property Initialization
  • JSF Lifecycle and Event Handling

  • JSF Lifecycle Overview
  • Restore View Phase
  • Apply Request Values Phase
  • Process Validation Phase
  • Update Model Values Phase
  • Invoke Application Phase
  • Render Response Phase
  • JSF Events
  • Action Events
  • Value Change Events
  • Immediate Events
  • Navigation

  • Navigating Through a JSF Application
  • Basic Navigation Configuration
  • From View Id
  • From Action
  • Forward vs. Redirect
  • Data Table Component

  • Data and Tables
  • Basic Structure
  • Headers and Footers
  • Styles
  • Adding Editable Components
  • DataModel
  • Sorting
  • Scrolling
  • Validators and Converters

  • Validation and Conversion within the JSF Lifecycle
  • Converting Dates
  • Converting Numbers
  • Displaying Conversion Errors
  • Built-In Validators
  • Customizing Error Messages
  • Writing Your Own Converter
  • Custom Converter Configuration
  • Writing Your Own Validator
  • Introduction to Custom Components

  • Why Custom Components?
  • Important JSF API Classes
  • Custom Component Building Blocks
  • Writing the Custom Component Class
  • Encoding
  • Using the ResponseWriter
  • Decoding
  • Writing the Tag Class
  • Building the TLD
  • Configuring the Custom Component
  • Using the Custom Component
  • Appendix - Internationalization

  • I18N and L10N
  • Resource Bundles
  • Configuring a Resource Bundle
  • Using a Resource Bundle
  • Specifying the Locale
  • I18N in Custom Code
  • Dates and Numbers
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