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Course Title: Ajax for Java Developers
Course Length: 4 Days
Course Number: Ajax201
Delivery: Instructor-led, On-Site
Audience: Web developers using Ajax and Java developers who need to work with Ajax based Web applications.
Description: The course includes detailed coverage of how to handle Ajax requests using Servlets/JSP and Java Web applications. This includes generation of HTML, XML and JSON from Java, as well as the use of various other server-side Ajax techniques. The course also provides extensive coverage on using frameworks - both client side JavaScript and server side Java - to support the complex programming that Ajax requires.
Course Outline:

Course Overview

Multiple detailed lab exercises are laced throughout the course, designed to reinforce fundamental skills and concepts learned in the lessons. Working in a hands-on environment, developers will:
  • Understand the principles of interactive Web applications and how Ajax is used to create them
  • Understand how XMLHttpRequest works, and use it with JavaScript to update a Web page
  • Use Servlets/JSP to handle Ajax requests
  • Understand JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Use JavaScript and DOM with Ajax to manipulate the structure of a Web page
  • Be familiar with using Ajax with XML/XSLT
  • Use Ajax with HTML, JSON or XML on both the client-side and server-side (Java)
  • Be familiar with Ajax technologies and frameworks such as Prototype, script.aculo.us, Dojo, JSON libraries, DWR (Direct Web Remoting) and GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
  • Understand the basics of CSS and use it with Ajax to dynamically change the Web page look
  • Understand issues with using Ajax technology
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