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Course Title: Java Persistence Fast Track
Course Length: 3 Days
Course Number: Java117
Delivery: Instructor-led, On-Site
Audience: Java developers who need to access databases using the Java Persistence API.
Description: This course covers everything you need to know to begin working with the Java Persistence API in a very short time. It covers all the important concepts necessary to access and update data stored in relational databases. It includes an extensive series of labs to exercise all major capabilities. This course can be combined with our Fast Track to EJB3 course resulting in a 5-day course giving complete coverage of these new specifications.
Course Outline:

Course Overview

Throughout the course, students will be led through a series of progressively advanced topics, where each topic consists of lecture, group discussion, comprehensive hands-on lab exercises, and lab review.

Multiple detailed lab exercises are laced throughout the course, designed to reinforce fundamental skills and concepts learned in the lessons. Because these lessons, labs and projects are presented in a building block fashion, students will gain a solid understanding of not only the core concepts, but also how all the pieces fit together in a complete application.

At the end of each major lesson, developers will be tested with a set of review questions to ensure that he/she has fully understands that topic.

Skills Gained

  • Understand the JPA architecture
  • Create JPA based applications
  • Understand and use JPA to map persistent objects to the database
  • Create JPA persistence units, and understand JPA persistence contexts
  • Use the JPA EntityManager
  • Work with queries and JPQL (Java Persistence Query Language)
  • Understand and work with collections & associations
    • Value and Entity Types
    • Bidrectional and unidirectional
    • 1-1, 1-N, N-N
  • Use versioning support for optimistic locking
  • Map inheritance hierarchies using JPA
  • Performance tune your JPA applications
  • Understanding JPA transaction support
  • Understand the relationship between JPA & EJB 3
  • Understand Stateless and Stateful Session beans
  • Use JPA entities from session beans
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