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Course Title: Spring Framework Development
Course Length: 3 Days
Course Number: Spring101
Delivery: Instructor-led, On-Site
Audience: Experienced Java developers familiar with Java Web development, including JavaServer Pages and Servlets.
Description: This course enables the experienced Java developer to use the Spring Application Framework to create simple and complex Web applications. Spring is a far-reaching framework that aims to facilitate all sorts of Java development, including every level of multi-tier distributed systems. This course focuses on the Core and MVC modules, along with a discussion on persistence through DAO and ORM modules.
Course Outline:


Web Applications

J2EE: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Enter the Framework

Spring Modules

Controlling Object Creation

Web Applications

Persistence Support

Aspect-Oriented Programming

Integrating Other Frameworks


2.      Core Techniques

Component-Based Software

JavaBeans, Reconsidered

The Factory Pattern

Inversion of Control

XML View: Declaring Beans

Java View: Using Beans

Singletons and Prototypes

Initializing Bean State


3.      The Business Tier

Complex Systems

Assembling Object Graphs

Dependency Injection

Single and Multiple Relationships


Bean Aliases

Order of Instantiation


Nested Properties


4.      The Web Tier

Servlets and JSPs: What's Missing

The MVC Pattern

The Front Controller Pattern


A Request/Response Cycle

The Strategy Pattern

JavaBeans as Web Components

Web Application Contexts

Handler Mappings

"Creating" a Model

View Resolvers


5.      Controllers and Commands

Working with Forms

Command Objects

The Template Method Pattern

Command Controllers

Data Binding


Scope and Granularity of Command Objects


6.      Working with Forms

Property Editors

Validating Form Input

Form Controllers



Spring Custom Tags

<form:form> and Friends


Reporting Errors


7.      Refining the Handling Cycle

The Intercepting Filter Pattern

Exception Handling


The Decorator Pattern

Context and Lifecycle

Awareness Interfaces

Support and Utility Classes

"Death By XML"


8.      The Persistence Tier

The DAO Pattern

The DaoSupport Hierarchy

The DataAccessException Hierarchy


JdbcTemplate and RowMapper

Object/Relational Mapping

Hibernate DAOs

Transaction Control

AOP vs. Annotations


Appendix A. Learning Resources

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