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Course Title: Java Web Services
Course Length: 4 Days
Course Number: Java112
Delivery: Instructor-led, On-Site
Audience: Experienced Java programmers who need to learn how to develop Java applications that involve Web Services.
Description: Java Web Services discusses the Web Services technologies and how they are implemented in Java. The course begins with an overview of Web Services and why they are becoming popular in today’s B2B software development realm. XML is discussed briefly to provide the foundation for the rest of the course. SOAP is discussed in great detail, along with the Java API for XML Messaging (JAXM) and the SOAP API with Attachments for Java (SAAJ). WSDL is discussed in detail, followed by coverage of UDDI. Students will then see how to integrate Web Services applications into J2EE applications and others.
Course Outline: Objectives: Understand the goals and purpose of the Web Services architecture. Learn the various technologies that comprise Web Services. Understand how XML makes Web Services possible. Learn about the various Web Services vendors and products available for development and deployment of Web Services applications. Understand the SOAP architecture and how to implement SOAP in Java. Understand and learn how to use the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL). Learn about the various Java Web Services APIs, like JAX-RPC, JAXM, SAAJ, and JAXP. Design, develop and deploy a Web Services application using Java. Understand the UDDI architecture and how to implement UDDI in Java. Learn how Web Services relate to J2EE applications. Access a Web Service using various types of clients, including stand-alone client applications and J2EE component clients.
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