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List of Java Training Courses
Course NumberCourse TitleDescription
Java101Introduction to Java ProgrammingA 5-day intensive, hands-on course for developers who are not familiar with the Java programming language.
Java100Java for NonProgrammersA 5-day Java course for IT professionals who have little or no programming background.
Java102Advanced Java ProgrammingA follow-up course to our Intro to Java class, this 4-day course covers topics like JDBC, RMI, Threads, JavaBeans and JNI.
Java110Java Web DevelopmentCovers the Java topics used most often in the development of Web applications, including multi-threading, JDBC, Servlets, JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages, JSTL and XML.
Java111EJB 3.0 Fast TrackThe EJB 3.0 release represents a giant leap forward in the ease-of-use arena when compared to prior releases.
Java112Java Web ServicesJava Web Services discusses the Web Services technologies and how they are implemented in Java.
Java115Servlets & JavaServer PagesServlets and JavaServer Pages covers the details of developing Web applications that use the server-side capabilities of Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages.
Java117Java Persistence Fast TrackThis course covers everything you need to know to begin working with the Java Persistence API in a very short time.
Java120JavaServer FacesJavaServer Faces provide a framework for the typical Model-View-Controller Java Web application.
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